Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions

Ramp up digital footprint of your institution with effective and relavent online content.

We are in the age of fingertip accessibility!

Internet provides you a global platform to share 100% authentic information about your institute to students, parents, and other stakeholders.
Proper management of digital presence serves as a catalyst to reach out to potential prospects and improve credibility of your educational

Why you should partner with us

Sector knowledge

Ample experience in working with educational institutes ranging from pre-schools to universities.

Expert resources

A team of versatile copywriters, intuitive designers, and resultoriented marketing strategists work hand in hand.

Customised solutions

Create inclusive, integrated, and result-oriented strategies based on insights and analysis derived from measurable metrics.

Our scope of work

Rapid digitisation has made online presence of educational institutes even more imperative.

Our services

We enable educational institutions to reach prospective students, convert them into leads, and engage them actively through strategically planned
activities across various online platforms.

Website Development

We will revamp your institution's identity by building a customised, intuitive, professional,
and responsive website.

  • Customise to highlight achievements, courses & facilities of your institute & meet prerequisites of education boards.
  • Design & develop new website or revamp existing website.
  • Web hosting Website maintenance & administration.
  • Content & graphics planning and development.


We will increase visibility by optimising your website to appear among the top results in search engines & rank higher than competitors.
  • Research, identify & optimise your
    website and social media content based
    on branded keywords.
  • Use metrics to meet and assess
    performance of search engine ranking.
  • Optimise Local Business Page of your
    institution with latest information.
  • Focus on increasing relevant traffic & generating qualified leads for admission.

Social Media

We will leverage the popularity & reach of social media channels & take you to the fingertips of potential students and other stakeholders.
  • Create time & event-specific campaigns
    such admissions, annual day, etc.
  • Engage target audience with interesting
    posts such as competitions, updates
    about the institute & education sector.
  • Balanced marketing to create awareness
    & build your institution’s brand across
    major platforms - Facebook, LinkedIn,
    Instagram, YouTube & Twitter.
    generating qualified leads for admission.

Lead generation

We will strategically place you above the rest because more the leads, better is the prospect of potential admissions & outreach.
  • Derive insights from Google Analytics to optimise your website, landing pages & social media platforms.
  • Develop medium-specific strategies to tap potential audience through pay- per click, SEO, e-mail campaigns, mobile & social media platforms.
  • Create geo-targeted ads for relevant search engines & social media platforms.
  • Run campaigns to reach the untapped student segments like distance learning, discontinued education etc. by increasing leads from both website & mobile traffic.


We will create customised content that that will instantly connect with and engage the potential target audience.
  • Create customised content in line with the brand tone and that is specific to your institute & platform.
  • Curate unique & engaging content through research for specific purpose & medium along with editing & proofing.
  • Develop content to cater to multiple mediums ranging from website to social media to ads to emailers & more.
  • Develop multi-purpose content to meet the prerequisites of SEO, SEM, campaigns, and other marketing strategies.


We will create thematic and customised design that will appeal the target audience, enhance brand recall & enhance user experience.

  • Create customised design specific to content type & platform.
  • Create meaningful and appealing designs for the whole spectrum of marketing materials in line with brand guidelines to maintain uniformity & boost brand recall.
  • Develop content to cater to multiple mediums ranging from website to social media to ads to emailers & more.
  • Develop multi-purpose content to meet the prerequisites of SEO, SEM, campaigns, and other marketing strategies.

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